CLIENT: Abland

Following the construction of the Gautrain Rail project, a number of key nodes within the city were required to achieve an increase in densities and facilities to improve the viability of the new infrastructure. The Rosebank Park project comprises the expansion of the Rosebank retail and commercial area whilst also providing high rise residential accommodation to establish a permanent population.

The design proposes a predominantly open plan office development with retail to the ground floor around a new public square. The scheme incorporates and regenerates a local park creating a landscape coherent with the proposed new buildings.

Elevations were environmentally tuned with the open glazed elevation facing North, allowing daylight and solar gain in the winter with balconies providing shading to prevent overheating in the summer. To the south, a more solid construction with smaller openings reduces heat loss in the winter. A central atrium to each building provides natural stack ventilation providing a comfortable environment whilst minimising energy use.

High rise residential accommodation was planned above an existing low rise fire station with the fire station remaining functional. A green wall and balcony framework would provide shade and cooling to the dwellings on hot summer days whilst breaking down the massing of the building.

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Project & Images by A. Nuttall @ ARC