Energy Strategy Report

Energy and Sustainability Strategy Reports are becoming an increasingly common requirement for planning applications for developments of varying scales throughout the country.

The London Plan requires planning applications to be supported by an Energy Strategy Report, with Reading, Brighton and Oxford also stipulating their use.

We prepare energy strategy reports to support outline or full planning applications for individual buildings through to large scale development.

The report will propose a strategy for the mitigation and adaptation to climate change and the reduction of CO2 emissions for the development, confirming the design strategy follows the hierarchy of using less energy, using renewable energy and supplying energy efficiently.

We consider site layout and orientation, building fabric and district energy systems. We consider renewable energy technologies, providing an assessment on the viability of each technology on a dwelling and development scale before providing a summary of recommendations. An energy demand assessment is produced indicating energy and CO2 savings from energy efficiency and renewable technologies.

The document will propose a range of measures which achieve statutory requirements whilst meeting the client’s functional requirements in a cost effective manner.